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4x SV88's spotted in SA

3x SV88s that I know of in SA. 1st -my uncle in laws SV88 was always at his business ABS brakes, EDWARDSTOWN, SA but got stolen several times and the last time it was burnt out and insurance company sold it at auction in the late 1990's early 2000's. 2nd sv88 was always parked at business on Brodie Road LONSDALE SA, business was an Earth moving or sand and metal business and I heard that he was the owner of the business and the sv88, have not seen the car there since about 2005-2010. 3rd SV88 was at another business - Southern timber supplies at O'sullivan beach road, LONSDALE SA and the business owner was also the owner of the SV88 and he parked it there during the week and on weekends but I have not seen that there since about 2014. A 4th one I had seen in carport of a house in a culdersac road in WOODCROFT SA but it may have been one of the business owners home address as it was local to the southern area of SA and only about 10 minutes from the LONSDALE businesses. I don't know the body number of any of them. I always wanted an SV88 but I purchased a factory tuxedo black V8 VL Calais sedan which is more rarer so I'm not complaining.
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