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Originally Posted by battery View Post
Is it easier to lock up the brakes with bigger brakes when you slam them on? I recently locked my stock turbo brakes (was cut off by a truck) and was completely surprised how easy it did it
Its not so much how easy it is to lock up the wheels but how easy it is to control the pedal to the point of not locking.
Thicker and larger diameter discs and bigger pads also absorb and dissipate more heat which reduces brake fade in repeated heavy braking situations.

See here for more information
Brake pressure vs deceleration

The graph below explains the science behind threshold braking in a little more depth. The process of locking a wheel does not occur all in one go, and varying amounts of wheel slip can occur until the wheel rotation stops (100% wheel slip). Maximum braking performance occurs at about 20% wheel slip, but as you can see from the graph this only drops about 30% when the wheels are fully locked. So the main points are that the best braking performance in any vehicle occurs before the point of wheel lock, however locked wheel braking is a lot better than nothing.

Tyre slip versus braking efficiency

So, unless you’re a professional racing driver, the best strategy to adopt is to best to brake hard, and if you find some wheels are locking, slightly releasing the brakes and then reapplying with a bit less pressure. As you learn how your car behaves in these conditions you’ll get better at judging the pressure needed for maximum deceleration.
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