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Upgrade Front brakes to 32mm X 320mm discs

A quick guide on how to upgrade from standard 22mm x 271mm discs and single piston calipers to larger 32mm x 320mm discs with twin piston calipers.
I recommend only doing this upgrade if you have already upgraded the brake master and booster.
I used parts from a 2006 Pontiac GTO (same as SSZ/VZ Monaro/06 SS) but the process is similar (easier) for the popular VT upgrade.
These are not the biggest or best brakes in the world but they work much better than the standard setup and they use standard off the shelf disks and pads unlike some of the eBay kits.
Brakes are an important part of any car so if you're not sure what your doing or donít understand, please ask someone in the know or take your car to a mechanic.
Iím also NOT a mechanic so please correct me if you think any of the following information is wrong or misleading.

Parts required

Pads 7599 / FDSE1553
Discs 42020S
Calipers C6 92175207 / 92175206
Shims/sleeves (only required for C6 calipers)
Hub adapters
Wheel bearings/seals
Brake fluid

Step 1.
Jack up car and support with stands.
Remove wheels then unbolt the calipers. Leave the old calipers attached to the brake lines for now so brake fluid doesnít leak out everywhere. Just hang em off the front spring with some wire.

Step 2.
Remove the Hub/Disk and old bearings/seal.

Step 3.
Dismantle and clean up the new calipers and paint if required, use a rebuild kit if pistons or seals are rusted/broken.

Step 4.
The C6 callipers I used had 14mm bolt holes so I made some shims to adapt to 12mm bolts. You can buy specific sleeves but I made some using dynabolts I had. DON'T use copper pipe as it will squash under pressure causing the brake mounts to be loose.

Step 5.
I also had to grind a small bit off one side of the caliper mount so it would bolt up flush to the strut knuckle.

Step 6.
Clean the stub axle and install the new dust seal, then grease up the wheel bearings and install on the axle along with the hub adapter.
Put the new disk on with a couple of wheel nuts.

Step 7.
Bolt the caliper bracket to the knuckle with some locktite and install pads, then attach the caliper checking everthing lines up ok. Test fit the wheel to make sure it clears everything.

Step 8.
Take the wheel back off and install new flexible brake lines. The old nuts can be really tough to loosen, donít even bother with a normal open ended spanner as it will more than likely just round the edges off the nut. Try a 10mm flare nut spanner first then maybe multi grips or other tools that clamp the nut.

Step 9.
Bleed the brake lines then chuck the wheels back on and lower the car.
Carefully drive the car making sure you have brake pressure before bedding in the new brakes.
These brakes easily fit under my 17inch rims and might fit some 16s but I can't be certain.

Here is some info I came across while I was researching brakes.

Common brake sizes
Sliding Calipers , Discs , Pads , Piston diameter
VL Standard , 22mm x 271mm , 136 x 61 x 14 mm , 53.9mm x 1
VL Turbo/v8 , 22mm x 290mm , 136 x 61 x 14 mm , 53.9mm x 1
VT Standard , 28mm x 296mm , 184 x 63 x 15 mm , 42.0mm x 2
VE Standard , 30mm x 298mm , 153 x 53 x 17 mm , 41.9mm x 2
C4 VN SV5000 , 28mm x 327mm , 171 x 52 x 16 mm , 38.1mm x 2
C5 HSV VT-VZ , 32mm x 330mm , 184 x 63 x 14 mm , 40.4mm x 2
C6 GTO/Monaro , 32mm x 320mm , 184 x 63 x 14 mm , 40.4mm x 2
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