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so is it mike or kalay selling them?

sounds like it is a third person.

I've sent off a request for more info on getting the ones i paid for. unfortunately i paid for them in 2012 via direct bank transfer. omnline bank statements only goi as far back as 2015 and since 2012 I've had my old uni email account closed (plus lets face it as if i can remember the old login!)

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oh and i dont have any CT pm's prior to 2013 either.

freaking excellent. hopefully the bank can help.

if it is mike i say we slam him with requests for the items.

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bah. the more i think about this and re-read the advert the more i think you cheeky bugger.

the advert claims that he offered refunds but only 1 person took him up with what they are implying was a falsified reciept.

that is sooooo far from the truth.

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it says you are dealing with frank and fiona however they say it is mikes ebay account?

also if you look at old feedback as a seller you can see lots of fuse rail upgrades so its definately mikes account.
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