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Originally Posted by Skinkis View Post
Would it be accepted with an LS1 rather than the LS3 under the bonnet perhaps?
Potentially it would, but not an option I'm considering at this stage. I scrapped the RB30 because it wouldn't pass IM240 and went this route got pre-approval before I bought anything.

All money spent was to make sure it would be legit including cats, all emissions gear, erod carb legal package so I'm not keen on removing it all because of an administrative issue. I did everything properly and build still meets VSB14 LA2 as far as I interpret it - as long as an engineer will sign it off. Just going to take my time and finally have this thing registered properly in WA.

Originally Posted by Yeti View Post
That metal work is of chops!
Cheers we are stoked with it!
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