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Originally Posted by rb_sil View Post
Hey Steve awesome build man glad to see ya getting the V8 side sorted...

all the best and will have to keep an eye on this for updates.

Cheers Trav
(Laine's mate who helped pick up your old 25)
Hey Trav!
Yeah its not far away now. There's heaps of things I could update this thread with..
But at the moment, finishing wiring fingers crossed that will finally be this week...
Waiting for new custom radiator with twin thermos, transcooler built on the front with its own little fan and coolant overflow tank built onto it.
Custom baffled fuel tank is also on its way. Will have no fueling issues with that one and its also future proof, incase I want to change things later on..
Basically little things after that, lets see how they add up!
A GPS unit that runs the factory speedo via cable is on the list too..
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