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Originally Posted by brussel View Post
just consider what your end goal is going to be, if you keep going the way you are now your gonna blowout your budget and redo everything or can it like you did with your last vl and buy a Ford .

Decide what you want to end up with and work towards that. My vl sat next to my house for three years while i got all the parts together to get it back up and running the way i wanted it to
Making it run is my goal. Also I canned it because it had rust everywhere. Was not as clean as my current. I furthermore was on my L's so couldn't easily acquire parts. Hence why I lost interest and swapped it for the SS. Not a bad decision in hindsight because now I have the VL, despite its issues, it is a clean example, and I do not intend to sell it anytime within the near future. Oh and. I. Will. Never. Buy. A. Ford. Period.
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