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Originally Posted by rb25vlt8 View Post
Fark that poor car and its electricals issues whats it doing now what did you send the car in for to get finished ? Cant wait to see it running !!!
Ok so from what I've been told the tps itsreading that it's at full throttle even when it's not plugged In and the fuel pumps aren't priming. I think the fuel pumps is just a fuse cause they were priming before I took it to the shop and also because I think I pulled the fuse out when I was working on the electric

The power steering rack was f**ked so they gonna put in a recon'd that I got from mo a while back. The fuel lines are done and the new gate and screamer are done too so I can't imagine there would be much left to get it going now.

On a more serious note what power should I be expecting? Is 250hp realistic Orr..?
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