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Originally Posted by VLWAGONIT View Post
Hell yeah - cant wait!!

To cut out all the stuff you wont need in the engine loom to suit a Vl - a reasonable amount but there are step by step tutes out there on how to do it.

I was lazy and paid someone for a "5 wire hook up" so all I had to do was literally hook up 5 wired to make it run. While the guy was doing it I had him put a basic MAF-less tune on the ecu and change the tacho output to suit the 6cyl dash.

You will also have to somehow change the oil pressure sender to a vl one (not easy considering where it sits) and tap out the drivers side coolant bung in the head to a m12 x 1.25 thread to suit a VL coolant temp sender ( the thread in the head is m12 x 1.5 from factory)

Hope that helps. Check out my LS1 guide in the tech articles section if you need to know more

oh wow, that doesnt sound like much at all. Im a mechanic by trade so im familiar with LS1 oil pressure sensor location and have access to a tap and die set, but the most wiring i do is joining wires together and soldering haha.

I am seriously considering putting one in a VL, if not the wagon another one
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