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Finally, update time!

Yesterday the wagon left the garage for the first time in nearly 2 years on a car trailer to go get the exhaust built!

This involved leaving 2 big thick black marks up my retarded driveway to get it up to the road and a very interesting 40km drive to a mates place involving not being able to go over 80km/h without the trailer violently swaying from side to side and due to the wet roads, having to take off in 4x4 so the tyres wouldn't light up off the lights......rather than turn the wagon around and balance the trailer, I just kept the speed down....

Exhaust is a twin 2.5" stainless system with 2 cats, 2 mufflers and currently dumps at the diff as we ran out of stainless bends for it.... It will get completed soon as I want the whole car to get engineered.

While not perfectly symmetrical, it does hug the body very tightly which is a bit more desirable due to my driveway. Once finished (around 8:30pm), loaded the car back on the trailer and headed home to unload in the rain - super fun times

Also made a shifter for the T56 at the same time which is almost perfect, just needs to be bent over to the passenger side to sit central and needs a bit of a tidy up as well

Used an eBay short shifter and chopped a heap out of it creating a short short shifter. Feels good to use though

next up is to fix a few fuel system leaks, bleed the brakes and fix a clutch leak and it will be hitting the road.

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