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Originally Posted by Morgz View Post
I think the number of cars at the cruise is reflective of the popularity of the scene. It's well and truely alive, but the forum has gone down hill because we basically know everything now lol
haha true....
I rekon this forum has more information than all the workshop manuals out there.... I used info from it so much over the last 2 years working on mine.

And yea, burnouts are pretty cool... no one can deny it... but after getting raped just a few months back (defect) i thought, nah.... i might just make a quiet exit from the other end now... It was still a rather well behaved event compared with those old night cruises with MelbCCR and that crowd back in the early 2000's

What amazed me, was the number of high Hp cars there, their engine bays were show quality, but there were so many things that weren't legit, like huge turbos, plenums, AFR's etc. i guess maybe those people dont use them as daily's and just are willing to take the risk when taking them out...
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