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Originally Posted by VLWAGONIT View Post
what wiring issues does it still have?
The electrician said he has a list, when it was there last time, they wired in the calais body loom so all the door locks work but when i plugged in the side mirrors the doorlocks were popping open and closed so i dunno whatup there, plus the two centre console swithces i have for the windows didnt work last time and i have yet to put the motors in the back doors, but i did hook em up to a battery and they are wokring just not fitted.

When i got it home from the electrician and tried to crank it over there was no reading on the mechanical oil pressure gauge and it was just kicking over not starting so i'll take it back to have the back doors wired up and then they need to check that everything electric works as it should.

They also replaced the old fuseblock that was held together with hopes and dreams and caravan fuses, and put an earth strap on the block so it's all grounded and hopefully ready to drive soon.
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