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Originally Posted by deanoVLCT View Post
I'll go halves with ya mus! I always knew greedy money pigs would ruin this whole system for everyone!
There is 1 big car club that is spread into little clubs but are all apart of the one club still. ( for example like Victoria a state and al the cities but they are still apart of Victoria) I'm pretty sure hamouds was apart of abit club and he was using of them.
They were the ones scamming the place saying that the rules are changing in July get it before it changes and charging 400-500. Then July went past still nothing changed then the same clubs went they are changing September and charging the same price and still nothing happened.
I can still get club rego for $150 today. they might be bringing in the club rego Rwc rule but won't be till next year.
it was clubs like hamoud a and all the others that were saying the the rules were changing and grabbing the whole public by telling them you need a rec after the date

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