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i have recently been looking into this as my vl almost on the road, on the vicroads website there is a section for cars manufactured before january 1 2010. (THE OLD RULES ARENT GONE) in this section it says you can apply for an exemption if your car is a family type car (sedan) and has a power to weight ratio of under 125kw per tonne. i was curios to see what the power to weight ratio was for a stock vlt was so i did the calculation which was power (148kw) divided by weight(1250kg) times 1000, and it came out to 118.4kw per tonne. a sedan vlt is clearly banned on the vicroads prohibited vehicle data base, so i sent in an enquiry asking why it was banned and i received a call back, the outcome of the call wasn't good but nor was it bad, i asked her why it was banned because its clearly under the requirement for an exemption and she litteraly replied "i dont know". she said you can send an exemption form in with a separate sheet stating the specifications of the vehical and hope for the best.
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