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Originally Posted by calaist5 View Post
Was good to see a bigger group of turbos in the same place for a change.
Your car sounded great.

What happened after leaving the hills?
I got lost with a girl in her vl turbo
and I just headed for the freeway back to Adelaide.

Anyway hopefully more to come in the coming months.

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Quite possibly taken and uploaded on a closed F/book group.

I dont have the link or facebook.

Hopefully someone is nice enough to repost

Cheers. I unfortunately had to go to work after leaving Mt Barker. BARD in the Calais wagon followed me back too.

And yes there are heaps of pics and videos on FB pages. If it wasn't such a pain for me to upload here I would. Sorry.

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Originally Posted by calaist5 View Post

As I said, it was good to see a few turbos in the one place.
Any defects to anyone?

The mt barker patrol didn't have a happy grin when
Walking back to his car after talking to the guy in the yellow one.
No defects that I heard of. I did see that cop join the pack as they left Mt Barker. People were saying he was chilled.
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