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Vic: Club Reg Rule Changes.

This is part of the letter with the major details.

Club plated cars will now fall into 3 categories;
1. pre-1949
2. 1949 to 1969
3. 1969 to 25 year old vehicles.

Different rules apply to each category. In the first category, pre-1949, they have a wide range of permissible modifications before a car is required to be engineered. They also retain the ability to have club inspectors examine the vehicles.

In the second category, 1949 to 1969, almost all the same wide sweeping modifications are permissable without the need for an engineers certificate, although a full Victorian roadworthy certificate will be required for all vehicles coming onto the scheme.

In the third category, and the one most relevant to TCCA, we will no longer be able to self inspect, rather a full Victorian roadworthy certificate will be required. Also the list of permissible modifications does not extend to our cars. That means that if you have any modifications to your vehicle that does not meet the requirements set out in the VicRoads document VSI-8, then your car will require an engineers certificate to be placed on the Club Permit Scheme. VSI-8 can be downloaded by clicking here. Also, if a police officer stops you, and believes that your vehicle may not meet the requirements set out in VSI-8, then he car order you to get a VASS inspection to keep your car on the Club Plate Scheme.
Further to all this, cars that are modified and have certification by a VASS inspector will be issued with a new plate with a letter M designation, eg 12345-M. This means modified club plated cars will be easily identified whilst on the road. (For what purpose, i don't know!)
All of this will start in the third quarter of 2014, so it could be in as little as 6 weeks time. These changes that were pushed by the AOMC will also be retrospective, meaning modified cars that are currently on the scheme will have to get a VASS inspection to retain their club plates.
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