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Had mine for about 8 months now (8th VL) driven it a total of 2 ks in that time .
Spend 80% of my free time doing bits and peaces to it, when im not working on the new business or working 12 hour shifts.

Worked on it 4 hours ago extended loom and fuse box in glove box. Started by moving the battery to the boot and one thing lead to another lol

When it gets tough or i read a tech article that states "its a 2 hour job" "piss easy" and im on my second day i just remember this.
A good job is not done fast
A fast job is not done good

The way i see it its a hobby more than a car. Weather it be electrical, wiring, mechanical, modification, experimentation, customization.
I cant see my self getting board with any of these things.

In the same way females will never get over make up n hair styles and sell all there dresses.
“Hate will keep you alive where love fails”
Mark Lawrence, Prince of Thorns
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