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Learning About And Getting Free Bitcoins (And Other Cryptocurrencies)

I hope this is an OK area to post this.

I was interested in Bitcoins but I wanted to find out more without risking any real money so I found a few ways to get some for free. This is the best one I have found so far. It will not make you rich but you will get a better understanding of how things work with Bitcoins (and you actually get a very small amount of Bitcoins for learning about them). This does not require anything other than emails to work (No bank account numbers, no money etc).

1) Create a wallet by going here
2) Click on this link and create an account using the wallet number from the Coinjar wallet. It is a very long set of numbers/letters that you copy and paste from Coinjar into the freebitcoin page.
3) Enter the captcha (the messed up words).

You will see your balance go up in the top right hand corner of the freebitcoin page. Once this balance goes over 0.00005460 it will send it to your Coinjar wallet on the next Monday. I have done it a few times now and it works fine for me. As you can see it takes quite a few captchas to get the minimum payout (I have never got anything other than the minimum when entering the captcha).
The Coinjar wallet is because of recommendations from Skylines Australia members and I believe Coinjar is Australian too.
The link to the freecoins is via a referral to me. It doesnt affect your account in anyway but I get a bonus should you use the account.
I haven't noticed my spam emails go up since I have started and I have been using a lot of sites requiring my email address (I only seem to get one or 2 spam emails a day and they are from similar sources as to what I got spam emails from before I started looking into Bitcoins).
Depending on whether people find this helpful or not I will post up other ways of getting free Bitcoins aswell (although the rewards arent as good as this one).
Before that I will talk about Dogecoins as I have found some ways to get them too.
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