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Yeah I'm still living in the bay, for a few more years yet, want to move back to Newy when the kids finish school. I've seen that Berlina, it looks like it's in pretty good nick. There's a candy pink turbo Calais parked just down the road from it, been there the last week, it looks pretty good too. Saw a VL burnt out just up from the sports fields a few months back, was hoping it wasn't yours. Have seen you since so know it wasn't.
I'd love another VL but with the mortgage, getting married next year and other debts the money just isn't there. Maybe when the Cruze is out of lease I might look again but they will be getting harder to find by then I'd say (another 4 years).
Whether I get another one or not I'll always have a soft spot for them. The SV88 on eBay at he moment looks great, was sitting on 20K last time I checked the bids.
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