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So what's everyone been up to? Who still has their VL? I see the odd one around but they aren't as common as a few years back, plus I've moved and don't go into Newy much anymore. I'd love another but it's not going to happen anytime soon. Got a mortgage now and getting married in March so the funding just isn't there.
Sold the VZ and took a lease out on a Cruze 1.6T which is a bit of fun to drive and will do for the time being. Was considering a VF when the lese was up but now there won't be any new ones by that time so I'll either look second hand, go something small and cheap, or look into my 4th VL if there are any decent ones left at good prices. I'll be in my 40's then (fark) so will be mid life crisis time, lol.
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