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Got most of the surge tank, plumb back bov and oil cooler setups in today.

I'm not 100% happy with where the pump sits and how the lines run for it but there isn't much room for it so might have to mount the pump where the fuel filter is and mount the filter where the factory high pressure pump goes

Need some more 5/16th line for the surge tank and I'm planning on cutting the fuel lines down to near the starter motor to neaten up the engine bay next time I do some work on it.

Need to get some 1" line to go back go the intake for the bov

Need to make sure all the threads for the oil filter are the right ones. From what I can see, I might need to use an oil filter off a Holden 5L for the thread to match which also has the advantage that I can go a larger filter aswel.
I ended up mounting the cooler between the radiator and intercooler just because it was easy to put it there with the lines they gave me and its out of the way
I just want enough power to rip single leggers on wet grass

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