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12 volt dash progress

got sent through an update pic of the dash from steff at 12 volt before the gauges get put in, billet switches get made for under the alpine screen, new glove box and changing the lh side of the dash to try and incorporate the theme of a new hsv interior to match the coulsons before getting it trimmed in leather. Hoping it will be back in a month so can take it out to shaun to get it put in.

As for the rest of the car, the coilovers have arrived all the diff has come back assembled, new polished pwr radiator and 16 inch thermo fan on the way and gearbox about to be fitted into the car. Have been talking to Shaun about using a gtx3582r instead of the 35/40 as he estimated it would be good for an extra 50kw atw. Can anyone out there tell me what they think about changing to that turbo keeping in mind its manual with 4.11's and it's being built with drivability in mind so if anyone in the know could give me a quick run through in the differences of how the extra power comes on. is it more peaky or does it spool quicker meaning more power down low in the rev range and still makes more top end power and just generally if the gtx would be a better or worse option whilst paired to a 6 speed and 4:11 gears?
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