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Help with tracking down a car.

Hi everyone,

In early 2006 I bought this immaculate VL Berlina 3.0 N/A. I ended up trading it on another car about 5-6 months later (stupid idea), I'm very regretful that I traded it. Anyways I'm trying to find the whereabouts of the car if possible.

I don't have any VIN/Engine number info but I do know the rego plates. The last time I spotted the car was a few years back, it was sitting in the Rooty Hill RSL carpark. It was wearing NSW rego plates AJ-78-CD. I have tried typing the plates into the "" database and it won't tell if they are available/unavailable as it normally would when you search for other plates. It says to contact the myplates centre If anyone has any information on this car I would be extremely grateful. I hope I do see the car again.

Cheers guys!

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