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ok shell has a deposit on it now so it will go in the next 2 weeks. I am going to spend the money on a car for the misses and just build mine then i know its done properly. I have been looking at prices on getting it tubbed, 4 linked, coil overs, cage done and will slowly chip at it all. The car has had some bits fixed on it while off the road and should be on the road by the end of the weekend and also get more power put in it for power cruise next week.
- Welded a bead on the intercooler piping
- replaced the over flow bottle cap as was causing water system to pressurise
- Replaced BW with 9" 35spline diff
- Single 3.5" piece Mark williams tail shaft
- Billet uni caps
- -10an teflon return lines and fittings
- Transbrake button plate on the carbon shifter
- replaced brake line block
- Strengthened trailing arms
- 21psi base pressure waste gate springs

I think thats all i have done but cant remember, but hopefully will be going this weekend and will do a victory powerskid out the front if the rain ****s off...
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