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Originally Posted by BT View Post
hdtf-18 i think u did take offence ...?

and u could saved money ...

thats what i was pritty much saying i wasnt having a dig mate ..
apologies if it came accross in a different way to what i meant it to.I had searched ebay over and over and all different brake manufacturers sites to see what was out there. When doing so all i really found to be cheaper were brands with no real credible history. Harrop have been around for years and many people swear by them, yeah I couldve got some 4 pots all round and they wouldve been more than adequate but like i also said i'm wanting this one day to be a show car so the 381mm rotors and house of kolor painted callipers will hopefully look sexy as well as pulling it up amazingly well. Yeah the brakes are overkill for the road but who here thT has a vlt with over 200rwkw isnt guilty of that when the speed limits are 40/50/60. flicking through street commodores and every car has the insane engine, nice paint and rims but barely any have brakes that are a feature of the car and that to me shows an opening in the show car arena where it will guarantee some extra points over others. If i was only building the car for performance then yeah i could've and probably wouldve gone the 4 pots all round for sure and you do make a valid point but im just wanting something a bit more eye catching and extreme
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