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Originally Posted by zaksvl View Post
the main power? from the battery? to the ecu? from the ignition?
ok this is all i know:

there is a wire running from the post in the engine bay,that is orange in colour, that is causing all the volts in the engine bay to fluctuate,on the injectors,ecu everything.When the car was at ovaboost they told me they tested all the wires running from the post and the orange wire is the one thats causing the fluctuation but we dont know why its doing it. it only does it once the car is turned on. The power from the battery in the boot to the post in the bay is fine and doesnt fluctuate but from the post everything connected there is fluctuating.

The previous owner also did some really dodgy wiring under the fuseblock which is why i bought a new one but the wires have been cut and run to different fuses so i'm not sure how to correclty re-wire the new fuseblock.

Hence the plea for some help from an Auto Sparky.
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