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Originally Posted by vl4skids View Post
Looking real good mate. How is the outside of the car looking? Without sounding like an a$$hole, My only dislike would be where the braid is running from rocker cover to catch can, can't run the braid lower to clean it up a little? Have you sorted the brake line for tomorrow?
Yeah i dont like the braided line either so i cleaned it up today and made in more tidy and fixed up some other lines, I will get some pics up of what it looks like now so you can see the difference. I got the line fixed this arvo but had problems bleeding the brakes and actually cracked the $hits and im bad when i crack it so i have to walk away before i break something on it so i left it in the shed, so im not coming tomorrow which is abit of a bummer. As for asking about the outside i dont mind telling it how it is and its not an a$$hole of a question, the body is not the greatest... I need to give it a full respray, new bumpers, rust cut out of from window, retrim interior. So as you can see its only the driveline done and the body needs alot of TLC. I can get up some pics for you guys so you can see what i am talking about.

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Originally Posted by leb vlt View Post
Should move the catch can to we're the fuse box usually sits, would look much much neater! Also that bay looks neat as, passenger side already smoothed. Just keep that shell and respray after racing..
the only thing about moving it is that is all drains back to the sump with -10an braided line and drains to the drivers side. So i would have to change it all but im not going to bother for the moment maybe later on. Im not sure if i am going to spray this shell as i am wanting a mini tubbed car and if i get that i will have to re-engineer the car anyways so i am looking at getting a shell and tubbing it over time and just driving this car as it is for the moment till the shell is complete so i dont loose interest in the car. But i may still cage this so i can race it and play around till my tubbed shell is complete.
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