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yeah i have all the fuel system ready to go in now, I'll get some pics up of the parts before they go in and while i am also putting them in also
Full -10an telfon braided hose
-10an aeromotive regulator
-10an aeromotive fuel filter
-10an silver and blue teflon hose fittings
1800hp fuelab pump methanol/alcohol rated
bosch id2000 injectors
new denso plugs
injectors extensions
rail im unsure yet as i might use what i have now but depends if it will take the -10an fittings.

I havent had it out really since i got it i registered it last week so i have been taking it out with the family for a drive around to get it out before i start taking out the fuel system and get it retuned on e85. I Just really need to find a shell to put it all in and run some numbers in it.
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