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the fr17's are indeed dibbsed by wonder boy as he has been a legend in not only sling me the car but all his support with everything. One of the nicest dudes i know. if things change then wil post it up here as they have brand new under a tank of petty old bridegstones and theres also a spare set of new 17's for them too.

Car is going to be dragged on the 26th so everyone come and watch me be retarded at my first time at drags. Car is going into boostworx in a few days to get stage to anti lag tuned into the vipec and so hopefully that will all be sweet come 26th, does anyone have any rough estimates as what the best take off rpm will be to get tuned into the soft launch rpm for the take off? all the motor has had done is gt35/40, 550cc injectors, bosch 044 pump and surge tank, vipec and the bottom end and bearings been redone and tuned to 270rwkw linked up to r32 box and standard vl turb diff.

New motor is basically ready too, got the call from bullet cylinder heads today. It's been held up due to getting all the visible stuff polished or reordered in chrome. After the drags it will prob come off the road ready for the new engine and trans and diff and brakes etc
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