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July/August 2004

Hey guy's time for the monthly update,

2 new minor sponsors
"pro 100" selling Hybrid coolers.
And Aatec Office supplies
Also have a few more just waiting to finalise a few things such as member discounts.

Currently Organising some merchandise, hopefully we can get it from the one supplier to make things easy and have a constant supply of different things. As soon as it's finalised i'll have a thread up with everything that's going to be available..

Also trying to organise a type of magazine.. nothing fancy, just a few cars and a poster or 2.. still looking at costs (printing, postage etc...), hopefully have some more details in the upcoming months.. this will be a long process, but let me know if you all think it's a good idea, and it'll give me some clue into what the numbers should be..

Have had a few things happen in different states, thought i'd mention a few.. (if any links are wrong let me know)

-"dceptv" is selling "Ur Mum Inside" stickers.. don't ask me why, sounds like a theme the WA boys are trying to start up.. you can see the thread here here.
-WA have pinched a well known Melbourne car "SKDMUP" purchased by "vl_stunna".. congrats on the buy....
Apart from that, their trying to organise to many cruises at once for me to make any sense out of them..

-I think i can officially call this the post whore state.. they hit a pretty big target of 10,000 posts.. double it's nearest rivals (VIC/NSW).. i think i need a few mods from their to clean it up
-I think the QLD boys got jealous of VIC and are organising a Go-Kart day, if your interested have read through this.
-They've also got a few other things in the works, so have a read.

-Currently organising a Calais estate cruise for september'ish if you want to go have your say on the date here.

-Pretty quite in SA, from what i can tell they tried to organise a cruise but was ruined.. have a read through here for more info.
-Autosalon was on, don't think it had a huge turnout (at least from the ct boys..) pics can be found if you go through this thread and follow the links around..
Apart from that nothing much happening due to their ringleader "platinum" being out of business with a cannery on his ride..

-We had a nice cruise to Calder park to watch the big names in the VL scene run their cars, Bresciani were their running 'PANNIC', JPC and Rajab also showed up giving us a show... VLMUZZA also made an appearance in GAS-747, and if any one payed attention he was being followed constantly by a TV crew, i'll let him tell you all about it if he can be bothered. Pics of the night are scattered in the VIC section, but you can see most of them here.
-vlt_dreamer is organising a Go-Cart day for every one, if you plan on going be quick as i'm not sure if their are many spots left, and if you said yes, try get your deposits in asap. Read the thread here.
-Theirs going to be an event at Gippsland Dragway in Bairnsdale (1/8th mile), Theirs rumours "The Jet" Jet6's car is making it's début, aswell as a few other ct cars (kingyvl).. anyway thread is here if you want to meet up with the boys...
-Bresciani (our sponsors) are holding an open day (and BBQ) this Sunday (8th August) to unveil their new workshop, so every one go down and show your support.... i'm sure theirs going to be a few nice cars... i'll be their with ETHNIC Details can be read here
P.S. theirs also a cruise, so leave a message if you can get their..

New Zealand, NT, Overseas

As above

Stats for the month of July.
New user registrations were 244,
New threads stayed roughly the same at 1624,
New posts totalled 20,187
And most replied to and most viewed thread is the "Get ****ed section" in the members lounge.

To the new members that have recently joined, welcome

Berlina Turbo
Speedy T

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