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Originally Posted by InsaneVL View Post
QLD engine transplant rules for mod code LA2 (performance engine replacement) for vehicles originally over 1100kg are:
N/A -> Max cc = 5.0 x weight of car in kg. (1400 x 5.0 = 7000, or 7.0L)
Boosted -> Max cc = 3.0 x weight of car in kg. (1400 x 3.0 = 4200, or 4.2L)

Note - if going boosted - you can do Mod code LA1 for similar engine (up to 20% bigger than factory which is up to 6.0L for VL as it came with 5.0L), and then do a code LA3 which is addition of Turbo or Supercharger. So effectivly can have a maximum of a 6.0L boosted engine in a VL.. Legally.

Oh.. also of note - the max engine sizes above are "Recomendations Only"... If you can convince the engineer that a larger engine is a good idea, and they sign off on it - it is still legal.

This may come in handy :
This is pretty interesting, and I'm glad that you have showed this.. I was going off the PDF file on QLD transport's site for light vehicle modification

Which LA2 is not even mentioned.. you have LA1 and then it skips straight to LA3.

And if you follow the chart in that PDF I linked (Page 22); you can't even have a boosted LS1 of stock stroke in a VL.

As always, speak to the person who will be engineering the car as really it is upto them. I haven't got to that stage yet, but was just going off what information was available.
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