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My mate had a 5L VT SS. Researched into making into a stroker, and was going to go down the 396 route with alot of COME Racing parts.

For the amount of $ he was going to spend on getting the motor rebuilt to that 396 stroker, and the amount of horsepower he was going to get with it - it ended up being Cheaper, more reliable, and more horsepower with a LSX454 from HP-F.

Alot of engine builders wouldn't touch a 396 as it needs clearancing and boring that takes the 5L block right to its maximum. There isn't much room for error, and the possibility that if it needed to be rebuilt - its time for a new block. The power to be had was going to be about 500hp (flywheel) with things such as twin t/b manifold, etc. No-one will recommend putting boost into it - the cyl walls are just too thin.

By the time the engine was going to be pulled down, all parts bought, built, and put back in - was going to cost about $25k, and no guaruntees, but should crack 500hp at the fly. In the end he got a LSX454 with some upgraded parts, headwork, large cam, manifold for $22k and made over 700hp at the fly.

With LS motors making great hp for low cost, its easy to see why 5L's just don't cut the mustard any more.
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