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Originally Posted by VLWAGONIT View Post
what disks/ hubs are u using up front?
I just picked up my hubs this arvo from getting bead blasted and new bearings shells pressed in and will probably end up getting some DBA slotted rotors all round. For now just going for 297mm rotors up front to fit under my polished Walky rims.

Originally Posted by leb vlt View Post
Weight reduction to run fast? Haha
lol Who knows what the reasons were, I was thinking maybe it was to run a bigger sump, but I thought they were generally made to fit without any chopping...

Spent a fortune buying new coolant hoses for the RB25 - genuine Nissan as no one seems to make an aftermarket kit. I learnt from my white Calais to change the hoses while the motor is out because theres not much room for my hands in the engine bay to change the ones under the inlet manifold!

The plan for now is to run a stockish RB25DET setup, so I can get it engineered with the twin cam motor and then go better later
But for now I've got a highflowed R34 turbo, with the larger OP6 rear housing, and an LTX12s ecu/loom to go on it.

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