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holy ****!! wheres the pics from the second exchaser cruise when we went up in the mountains and therer is a photo of me and some other dude in a paddock lookin very lost hahaha

GRANT! have u still got ur car mate...i thought u were tryin to sell that like 2years ago?....

osk...i agree with what u said...i used to post whore the **** out of this site but seems like time and interest isnt there like it was...

i dunno if everyone has noticed but the amount of vl turbos on the roads has decreased dramatically over the past 4-5 years....there is only a handful of vls that are driven on the street and the rest have been turned into 400m specials...the only way to fix this would be all these people that stil have their vls to bring em out everynow and then...

on the other hand...people are over gettin raped by cops and the penalties are much harsher...people have also gotten older and moved on from vls al together...

i recon everyone should make BIG effort to get to the next cruise...if not in a vl then in something or someones so if nothing else we can all catch up and give each other some **** face to face

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