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parts parts parts rolling shells

hey selling a metallic brown vl wagon, rolling shell, drum brake rear, was auto, no box no motor, ****ty seats, no fr gaurds $500
can supply motor/auto or manual conversion with everything, and all parts to complete for a neg price
too much **** in shed
pm please

$400 with manual or auto g/box

g box conversion mf 5 $500
dodgy g boxs make an offer
wagon doors offers
front gaurds bonnet offers
vl sedan shell rolling $300 + whatever you need
90 model fr drive corolla $200 delivered
diffs drum brake offers
gear sets $50 - 100 depending on ratio
blocks and couple of heads unknown condition $300 for both
anything driveline wise you want just pm me i prob have it
see you on the track kents
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I think I sh1t a little I was laughing so hard

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