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Its the "Spotted" threads that have landed other states users in trouble for this exact thing. As such, the other states "spotted" threads (particularly VIC) have very strict rule about mentioning street racing, burnouts, or other illegal activities. That thread has even caused this site to have issues from what has been said in there. 1 mention of a skid, or illegal activity in the VIC spotted section, and you get banned from the thread. Complain = ban from the site. It is much more lenient in here in QLD, but the basic rules need to be complied with (which as above is quoted in the first page of this thread)

You bring up a thread that is 4 years old, and has no posts from myself proclaiming illegal activities of myself (practice what i preach??). Never mind that 4 years ago, you COULD get away with posting up Youtube vids of skids, and proclaiming that you were the worlds worst hoon, and there was pretty much nil consequence. Now, in 2010, Police are keeping track of CURRENT activities by reading such public forums as this.

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