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Originally Posted by EVLRB30
its all good im not to stressed ill just keep a close eye on things! what turbo are you using darren?

Yeh i checked the camcard, 520 thou of lift. But i always remember 510
because that what it actually has once it was setup in the motor and measured. Do run the .022 valve lash?

My turbo is a bitsa i got made to what i wanted, its a Gt4294, but with a 71mm borg warner billet wheel. Same size as the gt4294 wheel roughly that flowed 850hp that i had, but this flows 925hp at same rating and i think 975hp at 30psi, as its a high pressure wheel it loves boost.

Gt4202 flow 950hp at the same rating as this ones 925hp. i just wanted a good pump fuel turbo and this in the states is meant to be the best (precision basically sell it as a 71GTS). if i wanted to drag it, i would have gone for a 76-80mm turbo(probally a 78mm)

How long did JPC take to do you mani etc, they took 12 months to get me a intake mani modified with the 90mm throttle body..crazy
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