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I just interpreted your post as being a bit sarcastic/**** stirring..... but if you're coming along man, sweet as... the more the merrier...

Yeh archerfield got new karts end of 2008, so as much as they're probably bashed up a bit by now, they'd still be better than what they used to run out there, and even then they weren't THAT bad... Archerfield still caters for big groups Rick, check out their website, you can organise big group bookings and have the whole track im pretty sure, I'm sure we could get the numbers together easy as, and yeh im down with osk and col on the kingston park thing, the place is nice n clean its a nice track, but the karts have ***ing seat belts man.. lol and a roll bar, there's about 100kg of extra bars n **** they've welded to the kart, only to make them slower really.. archie would be my vote.

Ollie i'm going to smash you!
hahaha Col, i'll drive straight past you from last place to take the win, just like the good old days of darlington park lol
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