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they also arnt 10hp with 1 foot pound or torque and a centrifugal clutch.
Edit: who isnt coming?
I didn't really post to start a childish argument over nothing. Why dont you just come along and have a good time.. and forget about all the nitty gritty **** like who weighs more... if ur that worried about it man, you could ring them up and pre book a set of new tyres on the kart that you'll be driving, im sure that'd make up for the weight disadvantage lol...

But you probably won't come anyway... u'd rather just speak **** in this thread and try n start an argument over nothing.. like usual...

Andy the Darlington track isnt there anymore man, they ripped the joint up for housing development or something I heard... but you're not wrong, by far the best hire kart joint... for track, and karts..

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