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Lukey R1 won the event last time and he would be over 100kg.
Yeh Rick, he also didn't enter the final in the same number kart he was assigned as per the qualifying sessions.. so the whole weight thing is a bit of a load of **** lol...

Lighter is always going to be better, but if u can't drive, or u get a **** kart from the start, your not gunna win regardless of how light/heavy u are. It's probably more about having a good time at a hire kart event, the karts are usually so ****ing up the **** compared to anything u'd ever claim to own yourself, so if u win, your half lucky anyway
Just as a bit of comparison there is about 16kg difference between the lightest and heaviest drivers on the F1 grid... Don't really hear them complaining.. If you're not coming.. you probably dont need to post in the thread.
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