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Originally Posted by [T]Matty
Seen a black director that looked 100% legit from the short view i got, But was on some ugly gold chrome rims? eww.. in caloundra 01/01/10, anyone know it?
I talked to the bloke about it on the Commodore Cruise 4 Charity.

Genuine VL Director. Not factory black though - he had it repainted black. Redid the interior red too.

Originally Posted by vanstrien
Yep spotted al lastnight on gate behind and infront, can't you drive in a straight line man lol

also saw a real nice white/silver Calais changing tyres at the servo on Johnson road, unlucky of him to get 2 flats at the same time

lol... saw these VL's aswell last night. The white/silver calais had Vic number plates i think?

Didn't realise you guys were out otherwise would have come over and said hi
The Grumpy one.

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