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This will be the last post here for me.

I've enjoyed the site and learnt alot from all you guys. I've had alot of fun from all the cruises and met alot of great people.

Ollie - yeah... mate have fun, and good luck is all i can say
Andy - treat her right, respect her and look after her.
Kath - I Love You, i always have and will. Have fun with Andy and remember me for the good times.

Anyone else from the Brisbane guys, have fun, great knowing you all, maybe we can all still chat some time.

If you're wondering why i'm going, its because of personal reasons to do with my now ex girlfriend and Andy. You can all think what you like but i can't stay here knowing i've lost the person i loved to someone from here. Call me what you will, i'm not concerned.

Well this is me signing off... the sticker is coming off the car and thats me done.

Someone tell Midz, i'm sure he'll be over the moon.
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