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I will be coming along - my missus will prolly be with me too (and for those horny young idiots with nothing better to do.. if ya crack on to her, i will crack on to you hehehe)

my car actually has better brakes than it should (n/a vl calais, with turbo shell / brakes / diff / etc)... running brand new front discs - so stopping shouldnt be all that bad for me - and should have a bit more down low torque with the cam gears being fixed up tomorrow (yay !!)...

I will have a video camera with me, and will edit the film and put it up on the net after the cruise (might take me a few days / weeks as i gotta find a cable im missing to hook it up to the computer)...

Anyone got a UHF CB ??? always a good idea for at LEAST a few ppl to have these in case ppl get lost, and general chit chat on the cruise which entertains ppl like me (since i have no stereo)...

I will see if i can put up some maps so ppl can get a grasp of where they are going etc...

I was up to the "destination" on the weekend on a seperate cruise - and the cruise will be a good run to DRIVE in your car (not being a di<khead, or bad shi+ will happen in the hills !!!)...

Lets make this cruise a good one - and one that isnt going to bring a bad name to a) ourselves, b) this website, and c) car enthusiasts in general.

See ya at the "meeting" point
The Grumpy one.
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