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And while the roads might be aimed at "sub 16 sec cars" they're sure as hell not aimed at 16 year old cars which were never set up with great deals of torque. Not to mention the breaking power of a billy cart.

If you wanna see something that would eat those corners for breakfast, watch something like Brendans R33 climb it, or for that matter, a new SAAB 9-3
I didn't realise we were goin to these hills to prove such a point.
A cruise is a cruise, we're not there to see who can get from a to b the quickest and arrive with the coolest brakes and the most torque. Who gives a **** weather the vl is 16 years old, there'd be a few vls on the cruise that would certainly handle better through the hills than an toyota lexen, probably mince it on its way too.
as for the saab and the r33, who cares ?

What i was trying to say is that i can't see the point in me coming along with a whole bunch of VL's and being the odd person out with a VS.
true that.
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