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Originally Posted by my88vl

Sounds like a good one but yeah i won't be attending. Not that i have a VL anyway...

Anyway a VS could out-brake some of these cars by far, and probably pull a hill climb better with more torque than a VL but ya know...
Haha, so you'd rather drive to Maccas or the BWCP every weekend and SIT in your car rather than actually DRIVE it?? This cruise is gonna be ****in fun. My diff is gonna break half way up Mount Mee, and cos the breaks are shonky, I'm gonna roll backwards down the hill and take out all your VLs.

I suppose though that the roads are best suited towards cars that can cut a sub 16 second 1/4 Mile pass

By the way, as the email Ollie sent out says - NO TAILGATING

Some of the corners are sharp and blind, and if someone takes them too quick and has a spin, there could be some real trouble...
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