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VIC: Spotted Thread



Alright it's back, lets see how long we can keep it here..

A few small rules that i hope are easy enough to follow. If we can follow them we shouldn't have a repeat of shutting everything in Vic down.

1. No street racing talk. Thats a no brainier. The authorities do look at internet forums. They can track you down. CT (or any other forum) does not condone that stuff, so please no posting about it here.

2. No Drug talk. Again, your an idiot if you do try and sell drugs on here, it's illegal and CT will report it, especially if you are stupid enough to post your phone number

3. No bitching. Don't like what someone posted. Hit the report post button, don't bite back, it will just get you a ban.

This thread is for posting about SPOTTED cars...

Now, I also would like to say, the mods have the right to ban anyone for not following those rules above or the general site rules. If you get banned from the thread don't complain, or your ban will become site wide. Don't break the rules and you should be fine.


Originally Posted by PROGMH
Some users have been banned from this thread for street racing talk. Others have recieved warnings. It happens, but do not mention it here or youll face the consequences.
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