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I just wanted to share my opinion.

The first thing I have a problem with is the passanger restriction on P platers for 1 year. I know the statistics say that the most P plate deaths occur when there's three or more People aged 16-21 in the car, but now it means if you and your friends are going out, that half of you will have to be designated drivers and there will be a lot more P plate drivers on the road. Not everyone is a hoon but who isn't encouraged when theres more than one car involved in the same situation.

The second thing I have a problem with is the restrictions on what cars you can and can't drive, in my opinion the power to weight ratio worked perfectly, it meant that you could drive a 1970's V8 but not a new high powered six. Now they are both out, reducing the numbers of cars available to P platers.

My third problem is slightly hypothetical but i'll use the VL as an example.
N/A RB30 VL top speed 200 km/h.
Turbo RB30 VL top speed 220 km/h.
Say for example they are both exact same spec other than the added turbo (like an SL and an SL turbo), and they are crusing down a highway at 160km/h and they both brake at the same time. Which will stop faster? The Turbo due to its ugraded brakes. My point here is that cars designed to go fast have more built in safety features, where as base models don't. People are still going to drive just as fast, but theres going to be less safety for those who choose to break the law.

My final problem is that its not power that kills, its exactly what the TAC say, It is speed that kills, yes power makes it easier to speed but power isn't the problem, its irresponsible drivers and it just seems like this is a lazy half arsed attempt to reduce the statistics and not solve the actual problem.

Just how I see it.
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