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Unless you got an aftermarket ECU John Keen really isn't interested is he seeing as he is so busy?


How did you go with GaugeWorks about your cluster vlwagz, I've been meaning to take my cluster there to get the fuel guage working not sure how they are on price, ehhh I should probably just ring up lol.


Originally Posted by benihama
ne one know of a good place to get a decent front-mount intercooler fitted, want a good job done that wont be too expensive or ne thing that that will cause my car to be "unroadwothy"
I'm pretty sure if you ask one of the boys on this site nicely and throw them some $$ and a bottle of their fav drink they will fit it up for you and do a good job. Depends how thick your cooler is to wether it is road worthy or not as it must sit behind the Reo bar 75mm wide ones do the trick.

And to save some coin on the exhaust if you look out on this site, eBay or maybe ring a few wreckers for a 2nd hand exhaust aslong as its not dented etc its just as good as a brand new one really, Assuming you have a stock turbo setup that is....
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who says aus880 is a ****head?

ooh.. everyone
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