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Changes to CT?

Over the next month or two a few changes will be made to CT.

The members got to vote on what they wanted to see changed and we will be trying to implement all the top rated options.

A few of the changes being made will not be obvious at first glance so any changes made will be posted in here to let everyone know.

Changed so far.

-Avatar size has been changed from 100x100 to 170x170 for all members (official and gold).
-Attached images has been changed from 3 to 6 per post.
-Split NZ and Overseas
-Moved Wiki Section to the general public area.
-Threads to remember section added to the members area.
-Added changes for the members mods
-For Sale section re-organised and Wanted sections put in (for items not cars).
-New Smilie added as a present
-CT Favicon added.
-NZ given their own ForSale section.
-Drag racing/Track racing section added

*More to come..
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