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I'm still around and check back once a week or two, i've had a vl off the road for about 2 years, was sick of driving the ****ter n/a's around so was just driving the vz above non stop, then after losing my licence for 9 months i've just decided to take a break
licence back in 2 weeks and hopefully a vlt to cruise in!

I think the first cruise i went on was from indro maccas in the daytime to mt mee maybe??, oh no ones mentioned the yellow vl think it had an aero kit and owned by ian from sunny coast may have had the plates 57RUT that was on that cruise with a white 33 51NNR, jay woulda had the white vl and ollie musta been passanger!

As for Pete in DVS86 i was the one who actually came across the accident and went to the hospital, i do remember a few updates on his state, last i recall was (both legs broken) that while they had started to heal they weren't growing back right and had to break them both in physio and reset them again, i tried to find out more but never really did, this was in 2003 too i think. And yes he was american and about 6'4, tall bloke with an accent and an absolute top bloke!

Also no ones mentioned the yellow walky kitted vl that got around roma street a few years back!

I have strange memories coming back of the timmy doll, and drunk simon, and did you stay in a hotel i was in ollie and smash a glass table???????????
Also remember 06CAL's mate showin up in the fastback mustang!

Basically i've been a member here since maybe 2000??? after a while it's inevitable people lose interest, i think for a large majority of people your refering to steve we were on here non stop in our younger years but now with careers and lives the computer just seems much less important.
Thanks again for takin my misses to her formal too steve

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